Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Introduction of groove type compost turner

There are two ways to ferment organic fertilizer compost. One is to compost on-site. The other is to build a groove for fermentation. The aerobic groove fermentation is currently the most effective method for the fermentation of chicken manure, which is conducive to standardized production. And the time of fermentation is short. Following is the introduction of groove type compost turner.
1.The features of groove type compost turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

(1) It is suitable for aerobic and can be used with solar energy room, fermentation groove and moving machine and so on.
(2) It can be used with the moving machine in multiple grooves.
(3) The compost material can be discharged continuously or in batches.
(4) It has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable and even composting.
(5) There is a control cabinet, which can realize manual or automatic control.
(6) The groove type compost turner is equipped with a soft starter. When it starts, the impact load is low.
(7) It is equipped with gear shifting hydraulic lifting system.
(8) The gear is sturdy and durable. It can break and mix materials.
2.The configuration of groove type compost turner
(1) The main configurations of the groove type compost turner are walking trough, walking track, a power- taking device, a turning part and a turning trough device.(A turning through also called a shifting car, mainly used in the multiple grooves)
(2) The special configurations of the groove type compost turner are the control cabinet, a soft start, gear shifting hydraulic lifting system and the limited travel switch.



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