Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The core technical points of animal manure decomposing bio-organic fertilizer

1.Must be based on loose aerobic fermentation, that is, your material must be loose, which requires a large amount of filler, such as straw meal, Tongfu powder, sawdust and the like, it is best to have nutrition.The carbon source like straw, is the best. straw also be used as a carbon fertilizer for the soil.

2.Must control material total water content, the water content can not be too high,othersise it is difficult to heat up. It also cannot too wet. the best water content sbould about 50%, which also requires a large amount of filler to dilute the water.

Fermentation method:

5kg of fermented liquid of Bio-fertilizer can be used for 1 ton of material fermentation. (700kg of manure, 300kg of filling material). stirring evenly, loosely stacking, cover with plastic film for heat preservation and moisturizing.Second It will heat up at the beginning of the day,the temperature reaches 50 degrees or more in the first few days. If the temperature drops, and the smell is still there, it is best to turn it over once. In order to ferment much fully, it is best to turn it over in a few days. It is piled up once, but it is complicated and labor intensive. Therefore, it is also possible to use a fermentation method that always covers the plastic film, but the fermentation time is 15-20 days (this must first ensure loose piles).



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