Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Fermenter sterilization operation

1. Air line sterilization

1.1 There are three stages of pre-filter, cold dryer and sterilizing filter on the air line. Pre-filter, the dryer cannot be steam sterilized, therefore, the valve leading to the pre-filter must be closed before the air line is vented, the steam is passed through the pressure-reducing valve, and the steam filter is then passed to the sterilizing filter. .

1.2 The filter element of the sterilizing filter can not withstand high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the steam pressure reducing valve should be adjusted to 0.13Mpa, which should not exceed 0.15MPa. It is forbidden to sterilize the sterilizing filter with superheated steam.

1.3 During the emptying process, the exhaust valve at the lower end of the sterilization filter should be slightly opened to remove the condensed water.

1.4 The emptying time should last for about 30 minutes. When the equipment is used for the first time or after long-term use, it is best to use intermittent air-dissipation, that is, after the first emptying, it will be removed once every 3-5 hours to eliminate spores.

1.5 After the air filter is removed, it should be blown dry for about 20-30 minutes, then the gas path valve is closed. Keep the air channel positive pressure.

  1. Seed tank (acid and alkali tank defoaming tank)

2.1 Before the seed tank is empty, the blowdown valve Q22 should be opened (the pressure of the jacket is not overpressured, and the water of the jacket is released.

2.2 Close Q14, open Q15 slightly, open steam valve Q12, open Q13 to send steam to the tank; open Q18, Q19 through the sampling port to directly pass steam into the tube.

2.3 Put the inoculating port on the tank, the valve Q24 and Q25 on the exhaust valve Q9 and the sewage (feed port) pipeline slightly open, and the steam will be discharged through the valve. When the humidity reaches 122°, the timing will start, and the valve Q9.Q13, Q19 will be adjusted. The opening degree, keeping the tank pressure at 0.13-0.15Mpa (temperature 122°-128°), can adjust the air-free temperature to pressure according to the process.



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