Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The Complete Set of Automatic BB Fertilizer Equipment

BB fertilizer equipment adopts direct feeding by lifting trough and direct unloading mixer, almost reaching the goal of “zero” blanking. The main equipment adopts the operation of positive and negative rotation. And it carries out material mixing and output through the special internal screw mechanism and the three-dimensional structure. Its design is novel, practical. And it has advantages of improved feeding system, high-precision mixing system, storage system frame, electronic control system, self-flow packaging, continuous production, etc.


The combination of the rationalized structure design of the complete set of automatic BB fertilizer equipment and the configured high-performance control system can realize all the actions in the process of single-bag quantitative weighing, batching and mixing packaging. Thus it solves the problem of mixture diversion caused by the specific gravity of materials in common equipment, improves the batching accuracy and reduces the problem of BB fertilizer production’s moisture. The system control instruments and executive program components are all imported high performance products, which reduce the impact caused by the material characteristics, mechanical vibration, pressure, voltage fluctuations, cold weather and other factors on the system. It possesses high precision, fast speed, long service life and other characteristics.



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