Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Introduction of Equipment Structure of Crawler Type Compost Turner

As an environmental protection machine, the crawler type compost turner realizes the stirring, crushing and throwing of materials. It plays a decisive role in the adjustment of temperature, moisture and oxygen content in the aerobic composting process. And it effectively shortens composting period and the quality of the organic fertilizer. The structure of the crawler-type composting device will be described below.


The composting device is an important working device of the composting machine, which plays a vital role in the working efficiency and service life of the machine.


The composting device is largely composed of a roller, a rocker plate, a hydraulic cylinder. A counterclockwise spiral blade seat symmetrically arranged on the roller. A rocker plate is mounted at both ends of the roller, and a rotary motion relative to the rocker plate can be realized. One end of the rocker plate is hinged by bolts, and the whole device is lifted up by hydraulic driving to avoid bumping with a rigid obstacle and to facilitate the walking of the dumping machine in a non-working state. During the rotation operation of the throwing wheel, the spirally arranged cutter head not only agitates, lifts and throws the material, but also achieves the effect of gathering the materials in the middle, so that the stripe piles are more tidy.



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