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The characteristics of organic fertilizer rotary screening machine

The main mechanism of the organic fertilizer rotary screening machine is composed of several circular screens. The whole machine is a little inclined to the ground plane and its outside is sealed to prevent pollution. The screening drum is rotated at a certain speed through the variable speed deceleration system. When the material go through the screening drum from the top, the fine materials are discharged from the lower part of the front end of the screening drum, and the coarse materials are discharged from the lower end of the screening drum. The screening cylinder is always kept clean. There is non-sticky and non-blocking. Therefore, it does not affect the working of screening. The following are nine characteristics of organic fertilizer rotary screening machine.

1.The wide range of materials

Rotary screening machine is widely used for screening various materials, whether it is inferior coal, slime, or soot and other materials, it can be smoothly screened and classified.

2. The methodof feeding is simple and diverse

The feed port of the rotary screening machine can be designed according to the actual site, whether it is a belt, a funnel or other methods of feeding, it can feed smoothly without taking special measures.

3.High efficiency

The equipment can be equipped with a comb-type cleaning mechanism. No matter how dirty or miscellaneous the material is, it can be screened. Therefore, the efficiency of the screening can be improved.

4.Large capacity of sieving

In the same size, the area of the circle is larger than that of other shapes, so the effective area of sieving is larger. And the material can fully contact the sieve, so the capacity of sieving per unit time is big. Because of its simple structure, convenient layout, novel and mature technology, it is easy to be large-scaled.

5.Low energy

The power of the rotary screen motor is small, which is one-half to one-third of other screen types. The time of dealing with the same amount of material is only one-half of other screen types , so its consumption of energy is low.

6.Environmentally friendly

The entire screening cylinder can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover, which completely eliminates dust flying and blocky splashing in working so that avoids pollution to environment.

7.Low noise

Due to the low speed of rotating and the sealed isolation cover is isolated from the outside, so that the noise cannot be transmitted to the outside, thereby reducing the noise of equipment.

8.Long service life and lessmaintenance

The rotary screen is composed of several circular screens and its total area of screening is much larger than that of other types of screen. In addition, the efficiency of screening is high and the running time of equipment is short, so it has a longer service life, less wearing parts and maintenance.

9.Convenient checking

The sealing isolation of the equipment can be disassembled. The normal operation of the machine will not be affected after disassembling, so the maintenance is very convenient.

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