Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Reasons and solutions for odor caused by organic fertilizer fermentation

The rotten egg smell or rotten smell is constantly emitted from the organic manure compost. Mainly for the following reasons:
1. The content of ammonia is too high (C/N less than 20): You can use deodorant for disinfection and deodorization, and add substances with high carbon content such as crop straw, peanut husk, rice husk, etc.
2. The pH value is too high: You should add acidic substances (calcium phosphate) to reduce the pH value, and avoid the use of alkaline ingredients (lime).
3. Uneven ventilation or poor airflow around: Remix the materials and change the formula.

4. The material is stacked too densely: re-mix the pile, and add large-grained substances as appropriate according to the material density.
5. Anaerobic environment: Turn the heap regularly to increase the oxygen content in the heap.
There are many types of fermentation equipment, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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