Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Introduction of two main steps in processing granular organic fertilizer

The processing of granular organic fertilizer mainly requires two steps, namely the pre-fermentation treatment part and the deep-processing granulation part.
Fermentation part
After the raw materials are transported to the yard, the mixing device is used to adjust the moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the compost according to the ingredients of the raw materials. The mixed raw materials are piled into a fermentation pile. The pile is turned over by crawler type compost turner and aerobic fermentation is carried out.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Granulation processing part
Next, the fermented materials are crushed and sieved. And the undersized material is granulated. The granules are sent to the dryer and cooler to dried and cooled, and then sorted into the warehouse. Unqualified granules are returned to the crushing process for reuse.
The entire organic fertilizer production process specifically includes physical dehydration → mixing (bacteria + fresh livestock and poultry manure + crushed crop straw mixed in proportion) → fermentation → crushing → granulation → drying → cooling → screening → finished product → Packing → Warehousing.
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