Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to use sheep manure to produce organic fertilizer?

Sheep manure is a special environmental pollution. Making fertilizer from sheep manure can turn waste into treasure. It can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by sheep manure, but also contribute to the development of agricultural economy. Let’s share the method of making organic fertilizer from sheep manure:
Method of small amount sheep manure organic fertilizer production
After collecting the sheep dung, you should add starter and wheat bran to the sheep dung and stir them evenly. Then an appropriate amount of water should be added into sheep dung. When the sheep dung can form a ball by hand, the water can be seen between the fingers and will not drip. That state indicates that the amount of water added to the sheep dung is just right. Then you can add corn flour and bacteria to the sheep dung. The function of corn flour is to increase sugar for fermentation of the bacteria. The next step is to fully stir. The amount of household sheep manure organic fertilizer is small. You can stir it yourself. When stirring, it must be stirred evenly without leaving any lumps. The mixed sheep dung is piled into a fertilizer pile with a height of 0.7 m and a length of 1 m. The pile is turned every two days. The temperature on the second day of composting can reach 60℃-80℃, which can kill E. coli, insect eggs and other pests.

How to judge whether the sheep dung has been successfully fermented?
When the odor of the sheep manure fermented manure decreases, the manure becomes loose, dry and covered with white hyphae. That means the sheep manure organic fertilizer is successfully fermented.
Method of sheep manure organic fertilizer processed by sheep manure organic fertilizer production line
The sheep manure that the organic fertilizer plant required is calculated by ton. It’s not possible that a large amount of sheep manure organic fertilizer is processed by traditional production methods. It not only waste labor but also time. And the fermentation may be unsuccessful. For the large amount of sheep manure that needs to be processed into organic fertilizer, it is more appropriate to use sheep manure organic fertilizer production line.



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