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How to solve the noise of fertilizer dryer?

During the operation of the fertilizer dryer, it is inevitable that some noise will be generated, but the excessive noise not only affects the working process, but also causes harm to the body of the staff, so how to solve the noise of the dryer?
1. Replace old equipment
If the dryer equipment has been used for a long time, it is normal to have loud noise, so we should replace the old equipment in time.
2. Check the condition of the equipment
There will be no other problems in the normal use of the dryer equipment. If the dryer equipment is noisy, you should check carefully to see the general state of the equipment. 

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Dryer
3. Timely check the equipment
Every year we should do a good job of maintaining the equipment to see if there are problems. If it is found that the equipment has some other conditions that cannot be treated in time, there may be more noise at work, so we need to keep abreast of these conditions in the process of using the equipment. We can also handle these problems together and make better use of them in the future.
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