Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to plan and build an organic fertilizer plant?

1. The office should be as far away from the fermentation site as possible, and the office should be in the upper wind position.
2. The passage of fermentation raw materials into the factory is separate from the main passage of the enterprise. (The fermentation raw material may be feces, the odor will affect the people goes in and out of the factory gate, which is very inappropriate.)
3. The staff living area is separated from the fermentation site.

4. Raw material area
The fermentation plant area, the half-finished product aging area, the deep processing area, and the finished product area should be continuous and not far apart. The selection of process and equipment, which is determined by the scale of investment, is also closely related to the raw materials. The production process should be considered to facilitate the production of finished products in a short time and quickly. Not the more complicated, the bigger the investment, the better. How to determine the production process and organic fertilizer production line, welcome to contact us, so as to avoid detours and waste material and financial resources.



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