Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to Prevent Organic Fertilizer Equipment from Aging and Deformation?

The first point: anti-aging, due to the action of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays in the sun, rubber or plastic products are easy to aging and deterioration, so that the elasticity of the rubber parts is deteriorated, easy to break. For the storage of rubber parts, it is best to use hot paraffin oil on the rubber surface, put it on the indoor shelf, cover it with paper, keep it ventilated, dry and not exposed to direct sunlight.


The second point: anti-deformation, springs, transmission belts, long shanks, tires and other parts will be plastically deformed due to long-term stress or improper placement. For this reason, proper support should be provided under the frame; the tires should not be loaded; mechanically All springs that are pressed or pulled apart must be loosened; the belts must be removed and stored indoors; some easily deformed parts such as long poles should be flattened or hung vertically; and the removed parts such as tires and seed tubes should be prevented from squeezing deformation during storage.



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