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Characteristics and Effects of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

Characteristics and Effects of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer


Chicken manure is of the highest nutritional value in conventional livestock and poultry manure, because chicken intestines are much shorter than that of cattle, goats and geese. Food stays in the intestines for a short time, so only three of the nutrients of chicken feed can be absorbed. Generally, most of them are excreted from the rectum.  Eventually. The waste that the chickens pulled out all become“treasures”. If they are treated with biological fermentation agents, they become tremendous treasures. Chicken manure contains about 28% crude protein, 13% pure protein, 8% total amino acid, and various amino acids are balanced. In addition, it is rich in B vitamins and various trace elements. Therefore, chicken manure is an inexpensive low-energy protein feed, but it must be treated with a high-efficiency starter such as a biological starter. Using chicken manure instead of some protein materials and supplementing some energy feeds can greatly improve the economic benefits of the animal husbandry industry and reduce environmental pollution. Thus it can also increase incomes of yourself.


Chicken manure organic fertilizer is a decomposing agent fermentation technology. It contains medium and trace elements, beneficial biological active bacteria and various enzymes required by plants. The life activities of these microbes in the soil can fix nitrogen in the air and loosen the soil. Decomposes the long-term use of chemical fertilizers to solidify phosphorus and potassium minerals in the soil to provide sufficient nutrients for crops.


The role of chicken manure organic fertilizer:


(1) Chicken manure organic fertilizer nutrients are comprehensive and long-lasting: can provide various nutrients needed for different growth of crops. Rational use of bio-organic fertilizer can comprehensively adjust the physiological functions of crops, balance and stimulate reproductive growth and vegetative growth, and enable crops’ root system is developed, the flower is preserved, the fruit is preserved, the fruit rate is increased, the harvest is improved, and the ability of sustainable high yield of soil is improved, and the yield is increased by 10%-15%;


(2) Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter: the use of bio-organic fertilizer can activate nutrient soil, enhance soil permeability, promote crop root growth, and improve crop vitality and immunity;


(3) Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms: the large amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil can increase the soil organic nitrogen content, promote the activity and effectiveness of phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and exert its nitrogen fixation, phosphorus release and potassium dissolution. Function, improve fertilizer utilization. Beneficial microbial reproduction can inhibit the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in the soil, improve the disease resistance of crops, effectively resist pests and diseases, strong resistance, enhance crop’s ability of cold resistance, antifreeze, anti-aging ;


(4) Chicken manure organic fertilizer has the functions of improving soil, improving fertility, cleaning up toxins, reducing harmful substances such as pesticides and chemical substances to the soil;


(5) Chicken manure organic fertilizer’s comprehensive effect: the application of chicken manure fertilizer can not only increase production, but also features good fruit coloration, large fruit size and endurable storage. In addition, it can improve the taste and quality.



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