Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to identify the quality of organic fertilizer


Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you how to distinguish the quality of organic fertilizer.

  1. Soaking

First, you should put the organic fertilizer sample in a cup of water, then crush the organic fertilizer soaked in the water by hand. After stirring, the raw materials of the organic fertilizer can be seen intuitively. And you leave it for a while. If the organic fertilizer and water are separated in a short time, it means that the organic fertilizer has a large proportion and contains more soil.

  1. Smelling

When you smell, you should smell carefully to see if there is the smell of ammonia, feces and sludge. The good organic fertilizer should have a smell of thorough fermentation.

  1. Hand twist

If you touch something that feels hard, when you twist the organic fertilizer by using your thumb and index finger, there are sand or other impurities in it.

4.Bacteria test

In the first place, you need to put the organic fertilizer in a cup and sprinkle a little water (be careful not to soak organic fertilizer, just make them damp). Next, you should put it in a warm and suitable place. The good organic fertilizer will clump together to grow white hyphae. And if you break it apart, you will also find white hyphae inside.

  1. Potted plant test

Take a potted flower first. Then you need grab a large amount of organic fertilizer and sprinkle it directly on the rhizome of the flower. After watering, good organic fertilizer will gradually grow white hyphae and promote plant growth, while the unqualified organic fertilizer will fumigate the plants so that the plants gradually wilt until they die.

  1. Comparative test

After selecting the organic fertilizer, when planting crops, you leave a part of the organic fertilizer without applying the organic fertilizer and observe the performance of the plants. A good organic fertilizer will have obvious effects on growth, yield and quality.




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