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Here are four factors that affect the fermentation of organic fertilizer equipment

We all know that there are only a few ways to deal with livestock manure. It’s better to convert livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which can not only solve the problem of livestock manure pollution but also make money by selling. Besides, organic fertilizer made from livestock manure contains a lot of organic matter that can be supplemented to the soil. To make organic fertilizer, the livestock manure needs to be fermented. And the fermentation is directly related to the quality of final finished organic fertilizer. Nowadays, the use of organic fertilizer equipment to make livestock manure into organic fertilizer become the mainstream practice in fertilizer markets and farms.

In the process of fermentation of organic fertilizer by using the fermentation compost equipment, the fermentation of organic fertilizer has different performances due to the influence of four factors. And they are moisture, temperature, PH and C/N. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Moisture

Moisture is an indispensable factor for microbial activity. In the aerobic fermentation process, the suitable percentage of moisture is 60%-70%. Too high or low percentage of moisture will affect the activities of aerobic microorganisms. And the moisture should be adjusted before fermentation. If the percentage of moisture is less than 60%, the temperature will rise slowly and the fermentation will be poor. Fresh manure generally has a high moisture content and the method to reduce the moisture is to mix the low moisture organic material, such as rice husk, peat, sawdust, straw, etc. And these auxiliary materials also promote the loss of water.

2. Temperature

Temperature is an important indicator showing the degree of microbial activity in aerobic fermentation. And the occurrence of high temperature indicates that the fermentation process is working well. Industrial fermentation requires a short cycle, which generally is 10-20d. The methods of turning materials and forced ventilation are usually used to promote the temperature rapidly in the early stage of fermentation and maintain the high temperature of 60-65° in the middle stage. The poor physical shape of pig manure is the main obstacle to the rise of fermentation temperature. Therefore, it’s necessary to add the high C/N and the low moisture organic material to improve that situation.

3. PH

The PH has an important influence on the activity of microorganisms and the preservation of nitrogen. The industrial fermentation of livestock manure by using of organic fertilizer equipment is an aerobic fermentation. During fermentation, a large amount of ammonium nitrogen is generated, which increases the pH and the whole fermentation process is in an alkaline environment. The adverse effect of high PH environment is mainly to increase the loss of nitrogen. You can add auxiliary materials such as straw, sawdust and bran to promote the biological fixation of nitrogen and reduce the mineralization rate of nitrogen in the main material during the fermentation process and the volatilization loss of ammonium nitrogen. The bio-organic fertilizer fermented with fresh pig manure and harmless microbial agents, after microbial pyrolysis and heat exchange, lost a large amount of water so that the percentage of moisture is reduced 30%-40% of moisture. The content of organic matter is increased by 2 times and the nitrogen nutrient is relatively increased2 -4 times. The phosphorus is increased by 2-8 times and potassium is increased by about 10 times. If the PH changed from neutral to slightly alkaline, the beneficial microorganisms will be increased by 130-150 million/g.

4. C/N

C/N is an important nutrient condition for microbial activities. A suitable C/N is 20-30 for microbial reproduction, which is usually suitable for organic fertilizer equipment. The average C/N of pig manure is 14. Simple pig manure is not conducive to fermentation, so it needs to be blended the materials with high C/N to adjust. The above-mentioned materials for adjusting the moisture content have a high C/N and are also good C/N admixtures.

   From the influence of material factors on the fermentation of organic fertilizer production equipment, we can understand the importance of material fermentation. In fact, there are many other influencing factors in practice, for example whether the fermentation compost equipment is thoroughly and evenly turned. Next, here is the recommendation of the crawler type compost turner manufactured by Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment. This equipment has good performance, which can effectively improve the efficiency of fermentation and promote full fermentation. It is a fermentation compost equipment with outstanding performance among similar products. In terms of price, our fermentation compost equipment is more cost-effective and highly recognized by the market than other brands. It is not only trusted by the domestic customers, but also highly praised by foreign customers.


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