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How to ferment pig manure quickly

It takes a long time to ferment pig manure in a conventional way and it also requires labor, which is very inconvenient. With the help of fermentation cylinder, the time of fermentation can be reduced more than doubled and there is no need to manually count the time to compost, which can be described as a worry-free and fast method of fermentation.
When fermenting pig manure, you can use the fermentation cylinder or other fermentation compost turner equipment. It is recommended to use the fermentation cylinder. The fermentation cylinder has the following major features:
1. The fermentation of pig manure is fast. Commonly, the fermentation can be completed in 8-10 hours, which greatly saves time and energy.
2. The fermentation cylinder can be used both in the north and the south. It is not affected by temperature. Even in the cold northern area, due to the good sealing of the fermentation cylinder, the pig manure can still be fermented as usual.
3. The fermentation cylinder is mechanization, with one-key operation of feeding, discharging, and temperature control. Therefore, it can save a lot of labors and costs.
4. The fermentation cylinder is energy-saving and environmental friendly. It mainly use microbial thermal power to assist electricity. It also has the function of three-stage atomization and deodorization. The exhaust air can fully meet the standard. It greatly reduce the emission of the harmful gas and fully satisfy the requirements of modern green ecological and environmental protection.
5. The fermentation cylinder occupies a small area, which is one-thousandth of the area of traditional fermentation. It can save investment in place and greatly increases the space for fermentation. And the fermentation cylinder is a better choice for manufacturers’ large-scale production.

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