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Four points on choosing compost turner machine

There are many types of compost turner machine, including crawler type compost turner, moving type compost turner, groove type compost turner and so on. The first two are favored by users due to the flexibility of the equipment. However, because the fermentation cylinder can store more raw materials, it covers a smaller area. Therefore, faced with a variety of fermentation compost turner machines, Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment tells you how to choose the suitable fermentation compost turner machine.


 When you buy the fermentation compost turner machine, you must see check the performance is stable and safe or not. That’s because the performance decides the quality and serve life of the equipment. And no matter what equipment is operated, safety must be in the first place.

2.Capacityof handling  

About the required capacity of handling of the fermentation compost turner, you should make sure that the weekly compost must be turned in the available time of the material. And the throughput of the compost turner machine is determined by the speed of its work and the size of the pile it can handle. Large-scale machines generally have a greater throughput so they can handle the larger piles.


The materials used by good manufacturers have good fiber content and less viscous yeast. It can be composted by the fermentation compost turner with a strong function of crushing and stirring. Therefore, it can save the process of pretreatment so that reduce the time of fermentation.


Actually, the cost relative to throughput and capacity of the machine. The higher cost means that the large-scale fermentation compost turner can compost larger volume of compost.

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