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What technologies can be used for a harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure?

1.Decomposed composting method: The method of processing and utilizing livestock and poultry manure through composting is a relatively traditional and feasible method at present. The use of composting technology can reduce the amount and water of manure in a relatively short period of time. Dehydration can achieve a better treatment effect. After the feces are stacked and fermented, high temperature will be generated to kill the eggs and pathogenic bacteria, thus achieving harmless treatment.
2.Feed technology: The feed of manure resources is an important way to comprehensively utilize livestock and poultry manure, because the manure can become a good livestock and poultry feed after fermentation.

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3.Biological decomposition method: This method is to use earthworms, fly maggots and other low-level animals to decompose livestock and poultry manure, so that it can not only provide animal protein but also process livestock and poultry manure, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. The feces and feed residues are composted in the mixed heap, so that the earthworms can lay eggs, hatch and grow. Then, the decomposed material is spread on the ground according to the appropriate thickness, and then the earthworms are put in to reproduce.
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