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What Should Be Done With Different Materials Before Composting?

In order to accelerate the decomposing, different materials are treated before being piled up.

  • municipal solid waste(MSW) should be sorted, and debris such as broken glass, stones, tiles, plastics, etc. should be selected, especially to prevent the entry of heavy metals and toxic organic and inorganic substances.
  • All kinds of stacked materials should be crushed in principle, and the contact area is conducive to decomposing, but it is difficult to promote energy and manpower. Generally, it is better to cut various stacked materials into 2-5 inches long.
  • For materials with high hardness and high wax content, such as corn and sorghum rods, the water absorption is lower. It is best to soak the material with sewage or 2% lime water to destroy the wax layer on the straw surface and use water absorption. Promote decompression.
  • Aquatic weeds, due to excessive water content, should be cooled slightly before stacking.


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