Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What equipment is used for crushing organic fertilizer?

1. Semi-wet material pulverizer
From the name, it is known that it is used for crushing wet materials. Fertilizers with high water content can also be crushed, but the semi-wet material crusher cannot crush materials with high viscosity. It can crush many types of materials, such as: industrial organic waste, gravel, bricks, medicinal residues, mushroom residues, etc. Because the semi-wet material pulverizer has no screen bottom, it is not easy to be blocked, and there is no problem that the powder can not be discharged in time and repeatedly crushed.

Semi Wet Material Crushe
2. The new type vertical pulverizer
The new vertical pulverizer is widely used in the pulverization of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. It has a good pulverizing effect on the tough raw materials in sheep dung and cow dung. The vertical pulverizer has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding. It adopts the high-strength wear-resistant carbide chains, blades and vertical heads with synchronous speed. The design of the feed port of the crusher is reasonable, the crushed materials are uniform. The materials with high water content are not easy to stick to the wall, and the crusher is easy to clean.

Vertical Crusher
3. Straw Crusher
The straw pulverizer can pulverize straw and solve the problem of burning straw. The characteristic is that it can be crushed to the same degree of thickness. There are different matching screens at the bottom of the straw crusher: non-porous screen, 40mm hole screen, 10mm hole screen, which can meet different crushing fineness. It is suitable for crushing corn, peanut shells, and sweet potato seedlings.

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