Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What equipment is used for chicken manure treatment?

Chicken manure is a high-protein and nutritious organic fertilizer raw material, but do you know how to deal with chicken manure? Do you know what equipment is needed for chicken manure processing? For chicken manure processing, chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is your professional equipment to process chicken manure.
The chicken manure organic fertilizer production project has a short construction period, high return on investment and low market risk. Generally, the investment can be recovered in one year and the profit will be generated that year.
The organic fertilizer production line roughly includes: raw material selection (chicken manure, etc.) → crushing → mixing → granulation → cooling and screening → sealing → finished product storage

The more complex chicken manure organic fertilizer production line production process is: the fermented chicken manure are translated into a semi-wet material pulverizer for pulverization. Then, the elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are added to make the mineral elements contained in the required standard, and a mixer is used for stirring. After mixing well, they can be made into granules by the new type organic fertilizer granulator. After the granules come out, they are dried and sieved by a sieving machine. The qualified products are packaged, and the unqualified products are returned to the granulator for granulation.
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