Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What equipment is needed to make granular organic fertilizer?

1. Fermentation equipment: Fermentation equipment is the necessary equipment for the organic fertilizer fermentation process. And fermentation is also an important process for the production of organic fertilizer, which directly determines the success of organic fertilizer production. The main function of the fermentation compost turner is to speed up the fermentation of raw materials and make the fermentation more fully and uniformly. The other is to control the fermentation temperature during the fermentation process.
2. Crusher: The crusher can make the fermented raw materials into powder. It is a necessary equipment for the production of powdered organic fertilizer. It’s also a necessary pre-treatment equipment for the production of granular organic fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
3. Organic fertilizer mixer: The main function of the organic fertilizer mixer is to fully mix the auxiliary materials and raw materials.
4. Organic fertilizer granulator: This is the most important equipment for making granular organic fertilizer. There are multiple types of granulators such as new type organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator and rotary drum granulator. The purpose is to improve the success rate of granulation or to meet the special needs of users.
5. Organic fertilizer dryer: The dryer is mainly to dry the excess water in the granulated organic fertilizer particles. The dried particles have higher strength and they are not easily deformed or deteriorated during transportation and storage.
6. Organic fertilizer cooler: Because the temperature of the dried particles is very high, a rotary cooler is needed to quickly cool the particles and remove the hot air of the particles. It also accelerates the cooling and setting of the particles.
7. Drum screening machine: The main function of the screening machine is to classify the particles. The qualified particles flow into the next process. A small part of the particles that are too large or too small will be returned to the corresponding process for secondary processing.
8. Automatic packaging machine: Qualified pellets are quantitatively packed by the packaging machine to improve production efficiency.
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