Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the processing equipment of the simple organic fertilizer production line?

First, the use of livestock and poultry manure and crop straw to produce organic fertilizer requires two steps: fermentation and granulation. In the production of organic fertilizer, we use the composting machine for fermentation, the crushing equipment, mixing equipment, automatic proportioning equipment, granulation equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment and packaging equipment. Compared with making granular fertilizers, powdered fertilizers are relatively simple.
The first process to be done after the material collection is fermentation. The fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials is a process to achieve sterilization, insect removal, pest removal and promotion of beneficial bacteria, while the volatilization of the surface layer after material accumulation is slow or cannot be fermented. The bottom will ferment quickly, so in order to let the material ferment and decompose at the same time to facilitate production, we need to frequently turn the material, so the turner is essential.

The second process after fermentation is pulverization, because the fermented and decomposed materials are in irregular shapes, and some are still sticky chunks. Such materials are not only ugly, but also difficult to package, and will affect our sales. So we will pulverize the material at this time. After pulverization, it will be screened by the drum screener. Therefore, the semi-wet material pulverizer and drum screener are also necessary for the production of powdered fertilizer.
There is also a common organic fertilizer production equipment, that is, the dryer, because the fermented materials are in a semi-wet state, and the materials are not dried during the crushing and screening process, which is easy to spoil and deteriorate. Such materials are impossible to pack and transport, so we also need to dry the powdered material.
In the process of using organic fertilizer production equipment for powder organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer turners are essential, and automatic proportioning equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment, packaging equipment, etc. Can be selected according to the actual situation. Welcome to contact us for details.



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