Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the main methods of disposal of animal manure?

1.Drying treatment. It is the dehydration of feces for convenient use, mainly natural drying and high temperature rapid drying. Natural drying is the use of light to dry livestock and poultry manure for drying; high temperature rapid drying is artificial drying through a dryer.
2.Aerobic composting. Livestock and poultry manure contains a large amount of organic matter and abundant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and it is a valuable resource for sustainable agricultural development. Therefore, aerobic composting is currently widely used. According to the characteristics of the raw materials and auxiliary materials of the feces, with the help of compost turner, the feces can be quickly fermented to produce organic fertilizers.

groove type compost turner
3. Biogas production. According to the characteristics of high organic matter content in livestock and poultry manure, under certain moisture, temperature (35℃~55℃) and anaerobic conditions, through the catabolism of various microorganisms, flammable mixed gases such as methane and carbon dioxide (biogas) are finally formed. ), while killing Escherichia coli, worm eggs, etc. in fecal water. Biogas is clean energy and can be used as fuel for family life.
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