Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

What are the advantages of the powdered organic fertilizer production line?

The powdery organic fertilizer production line is relatively low in cost of organic fertilizer equipment and its operation is simple. The general steps are fermentation, crushing, stirring and packaging.
1. The fermentation is relatively simple. We generally use the accumulation method, so the cost is relatively low, but the disadvantage is that the fermentation is not complete in some cases. Therefore, it’s necessary to use fermentation equipment.

2. Some crushing equipment is required for crushing. Generally, we use semi-wet material crushers. This equipment can evenly crush materials with a moisture content of 30-50%, which can effectively meet our organic fertilizer standards.
3. Mixing equipment is for us to add some microbial bacteria to the organic fertilizer and mix evenly. Adding these things can effectively increase the content of organic matter in our organic fertilizers.
4. The packaging is for the convenience of storage and transportation of our finished products.
Powdered organic fertilizer can turn animal manure into treasure by using some simple organic fertilizer equipment. For some small and medium-sized farming enterprises, the investment is relatively small, and the profits are relatively rich! Welcome to contact us for details.



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