Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Three common fermentation methods

1. Fermentation cylinder is a new type of fermentation equipment, which puts raw materials into the cylinder for fermentation. The equipment has deodorization system, ventilation system, mixing system and auxiliary heating system. It can work at any time and fast fermentation is fast.
2. Strip stack fermentation adopts open site for fermentation, which is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with limited site conditions and do not want to invest a lot in civil engineering. The operation of fermentation site is flexible and changeable, and the self-propelled compost turner is easy to walk.

crawler type compost turner
3. For groove fermentation, a fermentation groove is built in the plant area, and a track is installed at the upper end of the fermentation groove wall. The groove type compost turner walks on the track back and forth to dump the raw materials. It is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with slightly large output production.
We have many types of equipment for fermenting, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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