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The steps of fermenting chicken manure to make organic fertilizer

Fermentation is a good method of treating chicken manure, which can prevent chicken manure from polluting the environment and produce organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Following are the steps of fermenting chicken manure to make organic fertilizer.
1. Make starter. When choosing a starter, be sure to choose a good product and not be greedy for cheap. After the starter is purchased, mix it according to the instructions.
2. Adjust the carbon and nitrogen ratio of the fertilizer. By adding straw, straw, etc., the carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure is adjusted between 25: 1 and 30: 1, and the pH value is adjusted to between 6-8.
3. Adjust the moisture content of chicken manure. It is required that the moisture content of chicken manure used for organic fertilizer fermentation is 60%-65%.

groove type compost turner
4. Chicken manure composting. Pile chicken manure one and a half meters high and two meters wide, and don’t pile it too low or too short.
Generally, after 48 hours, the temperature will rise to 50~60°C, and it can reach above 65°C on the third day. Normally, with the help of compost turner, the fermentation can be completed in about one week.
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