Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The role of bio-organic fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizers have different functions due to the different types of microorganisms contained. In summary, they have the following effects:
⑴ Fixing Nitrogen:Bacteria in bio-organic such as root nodules and nitrogen-fixing bacteria can fix nitrogen in the air under suitable environmental conditions and provide nitrogen nutrition for crop growth.
⑵ Releasing Nutrient: Microorganisms decompose some substances in the soil that are difficult to be absorbed and utilized by crops and convert them into effective nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
⑶ Promoting Growth: After applying microbial fertilizer to the soil, it not only increases the nutrient content in the soil, but also eliminates the synthesis of various vitamins, enzymes and other substances that are beneficial to crop growth.
⑷ Disease resistance: After some microorganisms are inoculated in the soil, they multiply in the roots of crops and become the dominant bacteria in the rhizosphere of crops for a period of time, which inhibit or reduce the reproduction opportunities of pathogenic microorganisms. And some microorganisms will also have resistance to pathogenic microorganisms.
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