Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The process of pig manure organic fertilizer production

The recovered pig manure is directly fed into the fermentation zone. After primary fermentation and secondary aging, the odor of livestock and poultry manure can be eliminated. Fermentation bacteria can be added at this stage to decompose the crude fiber in it to meet the requirements of the size of crushed particle. The fermented material that has completed the secondary aging and stacking process is crushed and enters the mixing system. Before mixing, N, P, K and some other trace elements are added to the mixing system in a certain proportion. The mixed materials are transported into the granulation system, the granules enter the cooling system after the dryer. When the temperature of materials are brought to room temperature, they can be screened. The granules that meet the requirements enter the coating machine to wrap the film and then they can be packaged. The granules that do not meet the requirements are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the granulation system to continue granulation. The finished product is automatically packaged.

Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Three notes on fermentation of pig manure
1.The size of pig manure and auxiliary raw materials must be below 10mm, otherwise it needs to be crushed.
2.The optimum fermentation humidity of composting microorganisms is 50-60% and the limiting humidity is 60-65%, so it is best to adjust the content of moisture to about 55~60%. When the moisture is above 65%, there is a higher chance of dead fermentation.
3.The moisture content of pig manure, chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure should be controlled at 55-65%. That is, when you grasp pig manure tightly, the water between your fingers can be seen, but they do not drip. It is appropriate to disperse when it falls on the ground. If the moisture is too high, you can add the straw, sawdust, mushroom residue, dry soil powder and so on.



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