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The Good Effect of Human Feces as Fertilizer

Manure is rich in organic matter and various nutrients required by crops. It has a good effect on increasing crop yield and improving soil fertility, and has been widely used in agricultural production. Let’s look at the details below!


Human feces:

Human manure contains 70%~80% water, about 20% organic matter, 5% ash, nitrogen content 1%, phosphorus content 0.5%, potassium content 0.37%, and other large amounts and trace elements. Human feces are neutral. According to the results of expert analysis of human excreta, the total amount of urine discharged by an adult in one year is about 790 kg. These people’s excretion is equivalent to 22 kg of ammonium sulfate, and 6.8 kg of superphosphate phosphate. Potash 5公斤。 Potassium sulfate 3. 5 kg. That is to say, in a casket accumulated in a family of three, the fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients are 66 kg of ammonium sulfate, 20.4 kg of superphosphate, and 10.5 kg of potassium sulfate. Therefore, we must pay attention to the collection and utilization of human feces.


Benefits: Human excrement is suitable for general crops, especially leafy crops: cabbage, cabbage. Cereal crops: rice, wheat, corn, fiber crops, etc. Do not apply too much chlorine crops. Human excrement is suitable for a wide range of soils, saline-alkaline soils are noted. Manure manure is a quick-acting fertilizer, which can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. It can be applied with water or 3 to 5 times of water. Human urine can be used for soaking seeds. Seeds after soaking seeds emerge early and the seedlings are strong.



(1) Since human excrement contains a large number of germs, eggs and other harmful substances, it must be thoroughly decomposed before being applied and can be used after harmless treatment to avoid contaminating soil, air, water and crops.

(2) Avoid chlorine plants such as potatoes, sugar beets, tobacco, etc., which are not easy to use, and limited application of saline and alkali in drought and poor drainage.

(3) In the process of decomposing, it should be shaded and covered, and it is forbidden to mix and mix human excrement with alkaline substances such as grass ash and lime to prevent the loss of ammonia.

(4) Do not expose manure to manure to avoid nitrogen loss.



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