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The function of chicken manure compost turner in compost production

The chicken manure compost turner is the fermentation equipment in the production of organic fertilizer. The main function of the turning machine in the organic fertilizer fermentation is to turn the material after the fermentation temperature of the raw material is heated, so that the fermentation material is fully in contact with the air and increase the oxygen content. It can also volatilizes the water vapor in the material pile and reduce the temperature of the material pile. Fermentation with a compost turner can improve the fermentation process of organic fertilizer, and increase the fermentation time to 7-15 days, which improves the production process of organic fertilizer.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)
The role of chicken manure compost turner in compost production:
1. The mixing function of the compost turner in the mixing process of raw materials is very powerful, which can effectively integrate various raw materials together.
2. The temperature of the pile can be adjusted appropriately according to the needs. The raw material is in full contact with the air, and a large amount of fresh air is absorbed.
3. The compost turner can change the permeability of the raw materials very well. It can make the raw materials more elastic and nutritious.
The chicken manure compost turner has the characteristics of good maneuverability and high output rate, which can effectively improve labor productivity and save manpower to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs and improving product quality. It is a new product with small investment and high return. At the same time, it has the functions of mixing and smashing, which is an indispensable key equipment for fertilizer enterprises. Welcome to contact us for details.



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