Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The Excellent Characteristics of Organic Fertilizers ?

  1. It has the comprehensive nutrition that is necessary and sufficient for the growth of crops. There is no nutrient elements missing;
  2. It has the ability to transport nutrient carriers and build crop root nutrients to absorb the soil environment. Organic fertilizers can help the soil and crop roots to establish a physical, chemical and biological nutrient supply environment.


At these two “have” basic points, chemical fertilizers cannot be compared with organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can never reach the level of natural plant nutrient assimilation. High-quality organic fertilizers not only carry the rations that are urgently needed for crops, but also bring employees who produce rations. The price of good organic fertilizer is substantially more expensive than chemical fertilizer, and it is expensive in plant nutrient balance and resistance to soil-borne diseases.


There is no need to worry about imbalance of soil nutrients, the loss of absorption channels of crop roots, and the failure of nutrient quality of organic fertilizers. Unfortunately, our experts lack awareness of the good quality of organic fertilizers, and farmers have less opportunity to find quality organic fertilizers.


How did the good fertilizer come? Good fertilizer needs good raw materials. Without good materials, there is no good fertilizer. Unsafe raw materials can produce unsafe organic fertilizer. Alarmist heavy metal pollution and antibiotic contamination can be avoided. High-quality raw materials and accessories are the first elements of quality fertilizers. Product component design is very important. Chinese medicine processing is a technology, organic fertilizer is also a technology. Excellent organic fertilizer quality is also guaranteed by standard decomposing processes. The production of raw materials, production environment and fertilizer functions are different, and the general and simple turning method cannot control the quality requirements. It is a necessary condition for the development and profitability of organic fertilizer production enterprises to master the formula of organic fertilizer components, the process of organic fertilizer decomposition and the equipment of process adaptation and master the team of the above technologies. Good fertilizer is derived from good raw material sources, good component design, good production equipment, good process and good technical team. Five good for one good, indispensable. Good fertilizer to share. Good technology should also be shared.



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