Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

The cost of cow dung organic fertilizer production line

Cow dung organic fertilizer is one of the types of biological fertilizers. It uses cow dung as raw material and undergoes a series of processes such as fermentation, granulation and drying to make cow dung organic fertilizer.
There are many benefits of organic cow dung fertilizer. Here are just three advantages of it.
1.Improving the fertility of soil
Cow manure is a kind of cold fertilizer.The cattle are herbivores. Therefore, cow manure has low content of protein and high content of grass fiber. It is very suitable for fields with severe damage.The manure fertilizer can increase the air permeability and nutrition of soil.
2.Increasing yield and quality of crop
Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter and various nutrient elements to provide nutrition for crops. After the organic fertilizer is decomposed, it provides energy and nutrients for microbial activities, which can promote microbial activities and accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. The substances produced by organic matters can promote the growth of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products.
3.Improving the utilization of fertilizer
Cow manure organic fertilizer contains many nutrients, however, it has relatively low content of nutrients and releases slowly. The chemical fertilizer has high content of nutrient, few components and releases quickly. The two kinds of fertilizer are used in a reasonable combination and complement each other. The organic acid produced by the decomposition of organic matter can also promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in the soil and fertilizer.
The benefits of cow dung organic fertilizer are so many that many people start to collect cow dung from farms. The small amount of cow dung can be made manually. If it is a large amount of cow dung, the organic fertilizer equipment is needed, which has high efficiency. Therefore, many people are concerned about the price of cattle manure organic fertilizer production equipment, or the price of a complete cattle manure organic fertilizer production line. The price of the cow manure organic fertilizer production line depends on the configuration of equipment you need, so the price is different.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production Line

If you buy a complete set of large-scale production equipment, the price is more than 30,000 dollars and the price of high configuration is another. If you only buy one or two of the functional equipment, the price may be about 15,000 dollars. And the specific price still depends on the specific configuration of the machine.



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