Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Preparation Method of Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer

The organic fertilizer fermentation turner realizes the integrated innovation of pool-type aerobic continuous fermentation of solid organic waste, and is widely used in the harmless treatment of organic waste in livestock, poultry breeding, brewing, sugar making, paper making, urban sludge and other industries.

1. Pig manure fermentation equipment features

Compact structure, advanced technology, using some beneficial microorganisms to promote the rapid decomposing of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, using unique pool-type continuous aerobic composting fermentation technology to make organic waste quickly decompose, dehydrate, sterilize and deodorization, for the purpose of harmless, resource and reduction treatment, the fermentation cycle is short (7-8 days). The lifting chain adopts special special chain, which has long service life and is safe and reliable. The lifting mechanism is hydraulically driven and runs smoothly and reliably.

Intelligent control of automatic fabric, turnover and discharge of fermentation materials. The design of one machine and multiple pools realizes integrated innovation of large-scale production, small floor space, low energy consumption, large production capacity, fast stacking speed, and raw material adaptation. Wide adaptability of raw materials and stable product quality.

2.Fermentation turning machine process

Composting Fermentation Technology The organic fertilizer fermentation process mainly mixes and mixes organic waste such as livestock and poultry with fermenting bacteria and auxiliary materials (water content is 50-60%), and sends it to the front end of the fermentation tank with a forklift (the original empty pool front end 1 /8 or the front end of the pool vacated after stacking 1/8), the fermentation material is accumulated in the pool with a thickness of 1.5-1.6 m, and the aerobic fermentation is carried out by the high-pressure fan forced ventilation and the oxygen supplied by the contact of the material with the air during the turning. The fermentation material is quickly decomposed, sterilized, deodorized, dehydrated and dried, and the fermentation cycle is 7-8 days. Under the action of the longitudinal and lateral walking mechanism, the multi-tooth plate structure conveyor scraper at an angle of 45 degrees with the bottom of the pool continuously and gradually picks up the fermented material and transports it to the highest point along the bottom of the pool and then throws it off, causing it to be re-introduced. Pile up and produce a certain displacement. The entire continuous aerobic fermentation process is completed after turning the pile twice a day. The fermented material per day (the amount of treatment per day, 1/8 of the length of the tank) is transported from the end of the fermentation tank by a forklift, and the space vacated by the front end of the fermentation tank (the processing capacity per day, 1/8 of the length of the pool) is supplemented. The new fermentation material forms a continuous fermentation process. After the material is piled up in the pile, the secondary fermentation (10-15 days) is carried out, and for the further decomposed and remove moisture.

3.Organic fertilizer fermentation technology level

We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of organic fertilizer production equipment in China. It is a research and development base of the Henan Fertilizer Engineering Technology Research Center and a member of the Expert Committee of the National Science and Technology Innovation Alliance for Livestock and Poultry Waste Recycling. Many products of the company have obtained national patents. In recent years, the company has been committed to tracking the hotspots of international fertilizer technology innovation and the development direction of the fertilizer industry. Based on the technical support of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Agricultural University, the company has carried out research and development of industrial technology for pure organic (bio) fertilizers. It has realized the integrated innovation of pure organic fertilizer technology and production. It has built a number of organic waste production projects with harmful effects and significant benefits of organic waste in more than 300 domestic enterprises, which are favored by users.



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