Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line Technological Process

Equipment and process flow of powder organic fertilizer production line: When fermenting, we need to pay attention to avoiding wind and rain, reduce organic matter. Therefore, before fermentation, it is necessary to build a good rain shelter and stacked fermentation tank.

The followings are introduction of technological process:

  1. Raw material ratio per ton: Cow dung 500kg+ pig manure300kg+ mushroom slag 200kg + strain 50g (cow dung and pig manure can also be replaced by livestock manures). Ingredients: when the humidity is large, add suitable straw, rice husk, cake and other materials to reduce the water content of fermentation materials.
  2. Piles: according to the above raw material ratio, strip land shall be carried out as required. The length of strip piles is not limited, with a width of 2 meters and a height of about 1 meter.The material should be piled up evenly layer by layer when stacking. According to the processing capacity of manure, select the appropriate compost machine
  3. Strain addition: the strain and residue are expanded in a ratio of 1:5 (the purpose of this is to dilute the strain and spread evenly.For example, mix 1kg of strain with 5kg of wheat or rice husk powder.) Generally, 1kg of strain can ferment 10-201 tons of feces and straw. In the case of large amount of primary fermentation, it can be evenly mixed with the aid of a biaxial horizontal mixer and then spread on the surface of the strip heap according to the number of strips.
  4. By-heap fermentation: flip over and discard the strip heaps with a compost machine.Temperature rises to more than 55 ℃, turn it once every 1 to 2 days , ferment for 10 to 15 days at temperature 55 ℃, and then pack them up.
  5. Crush process: the fermentation material can not directly as the direct selling goods, this is because the long-term composting can cause agglomeration phenomenon. So screening the rest of the large materials and crushing the materials are necessary. Then you can get powdered organic fertilizer. (pre-fermentation, in order to accelerate the fermentation process, the auxiliary materials can be added to the grinder for crushing)
  6. Screen process: According to the above steps, after the operation of the drum screen and screening machine, the materials will become pure powder organic fertilizer.
  7. Packaging: the powdered organic fertilizer can be directly stored and sold after being packaged by automatic packaging scale

After these steps, it is possible to produce powdery organic fertilizer. Of course, if the powdery organic fertilizer meets the standards, it is necessary to determine the organic material composition of fermented compost and straw fertilizer, add the content of ammonia, phosphorus and potassium, and adjust the proportion other auxiliary materials to determine the content formula of organic fertilizer.



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