Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Major Contributions of Organic Fertilizer to Agriculture-(3)

  1. Improve food safetyand greenness
    Since all kinds of nutrients in organic fertilizers are relatively complete, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting natural substances, this provides a necessary condition for the production of high-yield, high-quality, pollution-free green food. The humic acid substance mentioned above can reduce the harm of heavy metal ions to plants, which is equivalent to reducing the harm of heavy metals to the human body.
  2. Increase crop yields
    Beneficial microorganisms in organic fertilizers use organic matter in the soil to produce secondary metabolites, which contain large amounts of growth-promoting substances.Such as auxin can promote plant elongation and growth, and abscisic acid can promote fruit ripening, and gibberellin can promote flowering and fruit setting, increase flowering number. It can improve fruit retention rate, increase yield, make fruit full, fresh and tender, can also reach increase production and income.
  3. Reduce nutrient lossand improve fertilizer utilization
    The actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is only 30% to 45%. Some of the lost fertilizer is decomposed and released into the atmosphere, and part of it is lost with water and soil. Some of it is fixed in the soil and cannot be directly absorbed by plants.

When the organic fertilizer is applied, the beneficial soil activities improve the soil structure, increase the soil water retention capacity, and thus reduce the loss of nutrients. Together with the beneficial microbes to dissolve phosphorus                        and potassium, the effective utilization rate of fertilizer can be increased to more than 50%.

In summary, the above major contributions of organic fertilizer to agriculture illustrate its advantages. With the pursuit of food safety and quality of life, the development of green agriculture will accelerate the application of organic                              fertilizer in the future, and it also meets the requirements of sustainable development of modern agriculture.



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