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How to store chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers have different characteristics, some are acidic or alkaline, some are corrosive or toxic, some are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, some are volatile and lost, and some are flammable and explosive. Therefore, proper storage methods must be adopted according to the different characteristics of chemical fertilizers to avoid deterioration or reduce fertilizer efficiency.
Different types of fertilizers should be stored separately in the warehouse, tagged with labels, indicating the name and chemical composition, and must not be mixed. Ammonium nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium hydrogen nitrate, ammonium chloride, and ammonia water will easily cause nitrogen volatilization and reduce fertilizer efficiency when they encounter alkaline fertilizers such as plant ash, lime, and lime nitrogen.

Chemical fertilizers should be stored in a dry place in the warehouse, waterproof and moisture-proof. Chemical fertilizers are generally easy to dissolve in water, and they are easy to agglomerate or turn into liquid and lose after being damp or wet, which seriously affects the fertilizer efficiency. Fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and ammonium bicarbonate have strong hygroscopicity and are easily deliquescent; fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, and urea will form hard lumps after absorbing moisture, which not only reduces fertilizer efficiency, but also brings troubles to application. When storing, be careful not to damage the packaging bag, and don’t pile it up outside, let it be blown by wind, covered by snow, or exposed to the sun. It should also be padded with wooden boards indoors, more than 0.3 meters above the ground, and the same fertilizer should not be piled too high.
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