Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to prolong the use time of organic fertilizer equipment?

The first thing to note is that in the operation process, the process should be strictly followed manual. And such behavior can greatly reduce the damage to the equipment and help extend a certain period of time. Do not operate blindly. That will waste resources and affect the effect.
The Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment reminds you that in the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment. Some parts have already played a very important role and they should be checked frequently. For example, a bearing carries most of the load of organic fertilizer equipment. This requires that the injected lubricating oil must not only have a high degree of cleanliness, but also have a good seal. In addition, when the equipment is idle for a long time, it should be dried in a well-ventilated place to prevent moisture and corrosion.

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