Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How to make simple organic fertilizer?

There are many ways to make simple organic fertilizers. Simple organic fertilizers refer to organic fertilizers that are simple in processing and easy to make, such as powdered organic fertilizers and homemade organic fertilizers. The following are common simple methods for making organic fertilizer.
1. Traditional organic fertilizer production method
After collecting the chicken dung or cow dung and other feces, you can add straw, grass, wood and other auxiliary materials. Then a certain amount of fermentation bacteria and an appropriate amount of water should be added. Then the mixed materials can be made into piles. And you should cover the processed materials with a layer of non-woven fabric and plastic film to ensure temperature rise rapidly and prevent rain from getting wet. The pile should be turned every two or three days. It usually takes 2-3 months. The decomposed fertilizer will be brown or dark brown.

2. Powdery organic fertilizer equipment
Although the traditional organic fertilizer production method is simple and saves money, it takes too long and it’s not suitable for sale in the market. If you want to make powdered organic fertilizer, you only need to buy a fermentation equipment and a grinder. If you need to weigh, pack, and then you can match a packaging machine. The powdery organic fertilizer produced by machines is high quality and it’s easily absorbed by soil and plants. It can also be sold on the market to make money.
Both of these are relatively simple and less-invested organic fertilizer production methods, each has its own advantages, and everyone can choose by themselves.



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