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How to make chicken manure compost?

Making chicken manure compost is a great way to turn waste into a valuable resource. Here are the steps to make chicken manure compost:
Collect chicken manure: Collect fresh chicken manure from your coop or from a local farm. Make sure the manure is not mixed with sawdust, shavings, or other bedding material.
Mix with carbon-rich materials: Chicken manure is high in nitrogen, so it needs to be mixed with carbon-rich materials like dried leaves, straw, or shredded paper to create a balanced compost.
Add water: To activate the composting process, the mixture needs to be moist, but not too wet. Add water as needed to keep the mixture damp, but not waterlogged.

crawler type compost turner
Turn the pile: Turning the compost pile regularly helps to aerate it and speed up the decomposition process. Use a crawler type compost turner to mix the materials thoroughly.
Monitor temperature: The composting process generates heat, and the internal temperature of the pile should reach 60-71°C for several days to kill any pathogens or weed seeds. Use a compost thermometer to monitor the temperature.
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