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How to judge whether the compost is fully decomposed?

Most raw materials of organic fertilizers often carry germs, insect eggs and weed seeds, so some auxiliary materials should be added to the fermented organic fertilizer before applying like pungent, sulfur, phosphorus, insecticides and fungicides and so on.
If the manure that has not been decomposed is directly applied to the soil, the phenomenon of burning seeds and seedlings may occur. At the same time, the organic fertilizer contains a large number of eggs and germs, which will cause serious damage to the crops if it is not decomposed. Then how to judge whether the compost is fully decomposed? The following are the criteria for full maturity of compost:
1. The stack temperature dropped below 40°C and remained unchanged.
2. The humidity of compost is below 35%. And there is a slight smell of ammonia and no odor.
3. The decomposed compost is dark brown, and the juice of compost is light brown or colorless.
4. White hyphae are produced in the compost.

crawler type compost turner
The important role of the organic fertilizer turning machine used in the fermentation process of organic fertilizer is also highlighted. The compost turner can evenly mix animal manure, fermentation bacteria and other materials. The raw materials can be deodorized in 3-5 hours and heated to 50 degrees in 16 hours. When the temperature of the material reaches 55 degrees, it starts to stir, which has the effect of uniform fermentation, oxygenation and temperature reduction.
We have many types of equipment for fermenting, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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