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How to Distinguish Whether Organic Fertilizer Raw Materials are Fully Decomposed or Not!

It is well known that fermentation is the main part of processing poultry manure into organic fertilizer. If the fertilizer is not completely decomposed when we use it, and the damage to soil and crops is very great!

Undecomposed organic fertilizers carry a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic aphid eggs. When applied to farmland, some of them adhere to crops and cause direct pollution, and some enter the soil to cause indirect pollution.

After the unfertilized organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, it can be absorbed and utilized by the high-temperature fermentation, so that high temperature will cause the phenomenon of burning, and ammonia will be released, which will cause the plant to grow poorly. Therefore, it must be fully decomposed when applying organic fertilizer. So how do we identify whether organic fertilizer is fully decomposed?

1 Look: Organic fertilizers that are only dried by purely physical methods still retain the color of the original manure, but the water is reduced, and processed by composting techniques, especially through high-quality fermentation auxiliaries, such as fermentation auxiliaries, fermented and fermented organic fertilizers, The color of the finished product is brown or dark brown, and there are no other impurities in the finished product.
2 touch: high-quality organic fertilizer grabs a hand, its hand feels consistent, soft and elastic when wet, brittle when dry, and easy to break, and inferior organic fertilizer can touch sand and other impurities by hand. It can also be judged by blisters. Soak two kinds of high-quality and inferior organic fertilizers with water. After a few minutes, you can see that the high-quality organic fertilizer is evenly distributed in the water, and the bottom of the inferior organic fertilizer container will sink a lot of sand or mud, the difference is obvious.
3 trials:
(1) Whether it is straw compost or various kinds of manure, take out 500 grams, put it in a bag and put it for three days. If the bag swells up, there is more air inside, which means that it is not fully cooked. If the bag does not swell up, it can basically be said to be fully cooked. Because gas is produced during the process of straw manure decomposing.
(2) A folk method of circulation. It is said that some organic fertilizer is put in a bowl, then put two cockroaches on it, and then cover it with a cloth. After a while, if you drill inside, it means that the maturity is more adequate. If you don’t drill inside, it means that the maturity is not very good, because there will be residual ammonia in the inside, so don’t drill inside.



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