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How to deodorize in the process of composting animal waste?

1. Use biological fermentation deodorant strains
In the process of turning over, fermenting and decomposing organic materials such as livestock and poultry manure, the biological fermentation and deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform the odorous substances in the whole process. Using such products, the odor can generally be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long-term use of biological fermentation and deodorization strains can significantly reduce or disappear the odor of organic fertilizer production. Deodorizing biological fermentation strains contain deodorizing fungi, deodorizing bacteria, deodorizing actinomycetes, etc. They have a strong ability to decompose and transform odorous substances, and a fast reproduction speed. It is widely used all over the world.

Groove Type Compost Turner (4)
2. Seal fermentation and install deodorization devices
Sealed fermentation, the processing workshop can stop the odor from overflowing. Install multiple intake fans on one side of the fermentation workshop to allow fresh air from the outside to enter the workshop, and on the other side of the fermentation workshop, install multiple exhaust fans, each of which is connected to an exhaust duct, The gas discharged from the workshop enters the solid or liquid biological filter through the pipeline. Because the active biological deodorizing bacteria are added to the solid or liquid biological filter in advance. The odor in the workshop can be controlled.
3. Sealed transportation
Transporting organic fertilizer raw materials in sealed tankers or covering livestock and poultry manure with canvas can reduce the impact of manure gas on the environment.
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