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How to deal with cow dung from cattle farms

With the development of cattle industry rapidly, there are more and more large-scale cattle farms. If an adult cow produces 30 kilograms dung per day, 10 cows can produce 300 kilograms dung and hundreds of cows produce nearly 3,000 kilograms dung every day. Now the pollution of livestock manure is getting worse. If the cow dung is placed on the open space without treatment, the air will be polluted. It’s a headache problem that how to deal with the cow dung scientifically for the owner. Today we will share how to deal with cow dung scientifically.
1. Making cow manure organic fertilizer

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production LineThe organic fertilizer made from cow dung can be sold on the market. And the cow dung organic fertilizer production line is very simple with organic fertilizer equipment. The entire production line of organic fertilizer equipment, from fermentation to granulation, is automated, which is convenient and quick. 
2. Building a biogas digester

Building a biogas digester is the best way for small cattle farms. The cow dung and pollutants from cattle farm can be raw materials. The whole process is low investment. And this can not only reduce the surrounding environment of the cattle farm but also bring gas. Small biogas digesters don’t have power generation function, so they are generally suitable for small cattle farms.
3. Using cow dung for planting and breeding
1) Breeding earthworm
Now breeding earthworm is a new type of business. Its cost is low and the profit is good. And the cow dung can be used for breeding. Cattle farmers have more benefits to develop earthworm business than others. That’s because cow dung does not need to be purchased and feeding is simple. And this also brings the extra income for cattle farm.
2)Growing Agaricus bisporus
The price of agaricus bisporus remains stable. The main reason is that the planting area is small. The main raw material for planting agaricus bisporus is cow dung. If you are interested in it, you can visit the agaricus bisporus planting greenhouse to learn planting techniques. And then you can use your own cow dung to develop the secondary industry.



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