Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How much does it cost to process organic fertilizer from cow manure?

Different cow manure processing methods have different prices. The cost of using traditional fermentation method is very small. For an organic fertilizer factory, transportation costs, labor costs, packaging costs, and organic fertilizer equipment costs also need to be considered.

Materials needed for traditional natural fermentation methods: cow dung, starter, appropriate amount of water, wheat bran and other auxiliary materials.
Using organic fertilizer equipment to process the required materials: organic fertilizer processing equipment, such as dryers, fermentation equipment, granulation equipment, crushing equipment, weighing and packaging machines, cow dung, fermentation agents, auxiliary materials.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The cost of producing cow manure for a small organic fertilizer processing plant is about 14,000-278,000 dollars. The cost of producing cow manure organic fertilizer by traditional fermentation method is about several hundred dollars.



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