Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

How many tons of pig manure produce one ton of organic fertilizer?

How many tons of pig manure can produce one ton of organic fertilizer, mainly depends on the water content in the raw materials, because some farms use water to clean the manure, so the water content is relatively large, and some farms use a manure cleaner , the water content is low. If the water content is about 50%, about 2.5 tons of raw materials can produce one ton of finished organic fertilizer. Following are the process of pig manure fertilizer production.
Inspection before fermentation: Inspect the moisture content in the raw materials. If the moisture content is too high, you can use a dry and wet separator to reduce the moisture, or use straw to control the moisture, and the moisture can be controlled at about 55%.

Fermentation process: According to the product, add organic fertilizer inoculants, if there is no requirement, it can be omitted. If you want to speed up the fermentation of raw materials, you can add organic fertilizer starter. During the fermentation process, pay attention to control the fermentation temperature at all times, and use an organic fertilizer turner to turn it when it reaches about 70 degrees until the fermentation is completed.
Organic fertilizer making: After the pig manure organic fertilizer is fermented, it is crushed by an organic fertilizer crusher. If it is to produce powdered organic fertilizer, it can be directly packaged and stored. If granulated organic fertilizer is produced, a special granulator for organic fertilizer should be used for granulation, and then it is better processed by organic fertilizer screening machine, organic fertilizer dryer and other equipment to improve the quality of the finished product of pig manure organic fertilizer.
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