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Four points on using the fermentation compost turner

There are many points to notice on using the compost turner after purchasing. It’s not right that you think the compost machine can be used just after assembling. It is necessary to train professional operators to operate the the compost machine safely. At the same time, professional repairers are also needed so that the compost machine can be immediately repaired when it is defective. And it’s better have ways to deal with the various problems that the equipment may present. The most important thing is that you must pay attention to safety when the machine is working. Better work can only be done under the guarantee of safety. Here are some points that should be paid attention to when using the fermentation compost turner :

Groove Type Compost Turner (4)
(1) Grasping the function of the device
About the fermentation compost turner, except the method of operation and protection, you should also know its capacity, application scope and the effect of controller and alarm devices. Besides, you should be sure to read the manual of the compost machine carefully, especially the notes.
(2) Understanding the operating procedures
The safe production of the compost turner depends on the careful operation of the operator and the grasp of the technical functions of the equipment. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every operator to grasp the operating requirements of compost turner, hidden dangers of operation, preventive measures and discuss such issues with the managers.
(3) Checking before launching
Before starting the compost machine, you must be sure that the protection device is safe and undamaged, and you should check whether there is oil leakage to be sure the oil system is normal and check whether the components in the compost turner are fastened, etc. Anyway, after ensuring the machine is free of any hidden dangers, you can start.
(4) Notes on checking and repairing
Before checking and repairing the compost turner in any kinds of way, the power supply of all electrical controllers must be blocked. Then you should check the hydraulic station to ensure that the hydraulic system has been relieved of pressure. What the most important is that hang up the warning sign, when you are overhauling the compost equipment. You must pay attention to tell the operator and the nearby operators and hang up a warning sign saying that the engine is under repair to prevent others from launching the engine, otherwise it will become immeasurable incident.
You must pay attention to these four points after purchasing the compost turner. Correct operation will promote the progress of organic fertilizer making.



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