Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Four notes in the operation of organic fertilizer equipment

1) Do not wear
The worn parts in the organic fertilizer equipment include hammer head, liner, and grate. As long as one of them is worn out, it will not only cause poor crushing effect of the complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, large size of granules and reduced output, but also cause damage to the organic fertilizer crusher.
2) Don’t run out of oil
Lubricating oil plays a very critical role in the work process. Once lack of oil will not only affect the overall performance of the organic fertilizer equipment, but also accelerate the wear between various components. Thereby it can reduce the service life of the organic fertilizer equipment.

3) Don’t overwork
In the process of conveying materials, the first thing we must ensure is a uniform speed and avoid the feeding speed from fast to slow. The weight of the feed is more and sometimes less, which is easy to make the organic fertilizer equipment work in an overloaded state. It will cause the equipment to wear out for a long time and even burn the motor.
4) Don’t “work with illness”
We all need to shut down the organic fertilizer equipment for inspection in time if there is any abnormality found in the organic fertilizer equipment, and then turn it on again after finding the root cause and solving it. Don’t cause a “serious illness” over a long period of time because of a little problem, which will eventually cause serious damage to the organic fertilizer equipment.
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