Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Fertilizer Cage Crusher

Capacity: 4-10 tons per hour

Application: Organic and compound fertilizer processing


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Fertilizer cage crusher is a medium-sized horizontal fertilizer crusher. The machine is designed according to the principle of impact breaking, and the two sets of bars inside and outside make the high-speed phase rotation, then the material is crushed by the impact of the cage bar inside and outside, which is a sharp tool for compound fertilizer crushing.

Characteristics of Performance

High crushing efficiency, stable operation. The fertilizer cage crusher is simple in structure, with high crushing efficiency, good sealing performance and stable operation, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The machine structure is simple and compact, its area is small and the maintenance is convenient; it is also easy to clean; it is a gram of the hard grain material such as ammonium, diammonium and urea.

Working Principle

Before using, the machine is placed in a certain position in the workshop without the equipment base, once the power supply is turned on, the machine can be used. The crushing fineness is controlled by double roll spacing. The smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness, relatively the production capacity is lower; the crushing effect will be better if adding material evenly, naturally the production capacity is higher. The equipment can be designed as mobile in accordance with the users’ requirements, and the users can move to the corresponding position when using. It is also convenient to remove away when it is not needed.

technical parameters



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