Organic and NPK fertilizer making machines

Fermenter operation process

Fermenter  operation process

  1. Preparation
  2. Check the steam generator to make sure it is turned on;
  3. Check the air source to ensure that the supply pressure is between 0.4 and 0.7 MPa.
  4. Check each pipe, whether the valve has leakage, feed inlet, whether the silicone pad of the feeding port needs to be replaced, if necessary, please repair it in time;
  5. Check if each pressure gauge is zero, and replace it if it cannot be returned to zero.
  6. Check if the tube is clean;
  7. Check the control system and the drive system is good.
  8. After the inspection is completed, the pressure test is performed: the pressure is 0.15Mpa for 30 minutes. If the pressure drops, please use soapy water to find the leak point and repair it;
  9. Install the calibrated PH electrode, dissolved oxygen electrode and other testing equipment to ensure that it is installed in place and the nut is tightened;
  10. Check that everything is ok, fill in the record and sign it.
  11. Air filter disinfection
  12. First close the steam inlet valve in front of the air filter, and slowly remove the pressure inside the air filter;
  13. Open the drain valve at the lower end of the steam filter (slightly open after draining the condensed water), slowly open the steam valve, adjust the size of the steam valve after draining the condensate in the pipeline, and ensure that the steam pressure is 0.2MPa or more;
  14. Open the drain valve at the lower end of the air filter and slowly open the steam valve in front of the filter. After the drain water is drained, the drain valve opens slightly.
  15. Open the exhaust valve after the filter, by adjusting the size of the steam valve and maintaining the pressure of 0.12-0.14MPa for 30min;
  16. Disinfect the end of the small exhaust valve opening, quickly close the steam valve colleagues open the air valve (guarantee pressure does not fall during the gas exchange process), adjust the air valve size to maintain the pressure at 0.08-0.1MPa, in order to blow dry air filtration Device
  17. After about 20-30min of filter drying (the temperature of the outer wall of the filter drops to normal temperature, the air blown by hand test is dry, fine and smooth), close the drain valve and exhaust valve at the lower end of the filter to maintain positive pressure.


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